On the first day of spring, the author of the idea and the musical Director of the project Evgenia Winter together with the artists of the show will light the spring stars in the Music Hall theater.
Many people were waiting for this show in Pskov. Those who visited it in BKZ in March of this year. Those who were told about this show visited it, so much so that the impressed listeners regretted that they did not join them then, in the beginning of spring. And even those who somewhere heard something, but did not understand the show? musicians play in the dark? Classic? Without the music? Still dancing? Come on, that's impossible!
EVGENIA ZIMA, the creator and artistic director of the "Music in the Dark" project, received a conservatory education, played at major academic venues, performed with her own jazz band. Creative versatility, unconditional love for music, courage and open-mindedness allowed Evgenia to find and implement an unprecedented format of immersing the listener in the world of timeless pieces of classical music.
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